Friday, September 26, 2014

Khans is here

This Sunday at 1:00 PM, Dalmuti's Suwon will kick off the Khans English draft season.

I'm looking forward to it because the set looks deep. There are some build around cards as well A LOT of stuff to worry about and try to put together on the fly. I have seen some pack 1 pick 1 scenarios posted online and they all seem much tougher than normal.

It will be a lot of fun if you can make it and it's followed up by a free cube draft.

I don't plan on playing standard this season so there are not a lot of cards I am chasing apart from fetch lands. There are still plenty of cool cards though.

My top 10 favourites

10 - Siege Rhino
Quite befitting this is a Rhino rather than an Elephant. Rhino's seem similar but with a nasty pointy edge. Loxodon Heirach gave you 4 life, this guy only gives you 3 but sticks it to the opponent for 3.

9 - Murderous Cut
Cheap removal and decent art. I'm a simple man who just wants to play Murderous Cut's and Stoke the Flames every draft.

8 - Sidisi & Villenous Wealth
Ok this is two cards but the description is the same "barely playable but awesome fun".

7 - Sorin, Solemn Visitor
I had to read his plus 1 ability 33 times, but I finally figured out this guy is a great card and can fit into a number of strategies. I think he's better than Sarkhan.

6 - Rakshasa Deathdealer
A really cool little guy that is solid early and dangerous late. I love small creatures that stay relevant for an entire game.

Those currently $20 bills printed at rare that are eternal playable. Like everyone else I like pulling Legacy playables from in print booster packs.

Honourable Mention - Archers' Parapet. Vent Sentinels little cousin. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pre Release Time

This weekend is the Khans of Tarkir (called just Khans forever more) pre release.

I have the schedule for the following stores who all should have some number of English packs.

Rolling Dice Hongdae
Advised to pre register on Facebook (MTG Seoul
Midnight Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(1)
1:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(2)
6:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(3)
1:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(4)
6:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(5)

Midnight Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(1)
1:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(2)
6:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(3)
1:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(4)
6:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(5)

Dalmuti's Suwon
No pre registration available
Midnight Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(1)
2:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(2)
7:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(3)
2:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(4)
7:00 Prerelease of Khans of Tarkir(5)

Sealed is W32,000 everywhere as far as I know.

Friday, September 12, 2014

M15 rides into the sunset

This Sunday will be the last M15 draft at Dalmuti's before Khans is released.

I won't be present but M15 has been a fun ride. To celebrate/commiserate this occasion I know present the coveted Angry Hermit Awards for the good, bad and the ugly cards from M15.

Best Open; For the card I actually got to take home and keep from the set.
The Winner - Nissa Worldwaker, it always feels great to open the most expensive card in the set but Nissa is also a lot of fun.

Worst Open; The card that elicits the greatest gron when you open it.
The Winner - A lot of cards fit this test these days thanks to the millions of different pre release promos that always end up bulk. The winner though is one of those artifacts I can't remember the name of, it always sucks to open them.

Most Coveted Reprint; For the card you were super hyped to come back.
The Winner - With past winners Thoughtseize and Mutavault and future winners Onslaught Fetchlands this is a prestigious award. Chord of Calling got all the hype but I am going to give this to Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth because you can squeeze it into more decks other than just Melira Pod.

Prettiest Card; for the prettiest card, duh.
The Winner - It's a bit of a cliche to pick an Angle but I do like the perspective the artist used, Absolute Arch Angel.

Ugliest Card; For the prettiest minus 268 card in the set.
The Winner: The prize goes to the dark blob ogre Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient who frequently occupied the rare spot in my booster a disproportionate amount.

Favourite Card to Draft; A smile every time this non rare goes into your pile.
The Winner: It was a tough tussle with Nightfire Giant but Forge Devil wins for mine. I really underrated this little guy at the start and he was the 23rd card in my first draft deck. Has been an auto include from then on.

I can't Believed You Played That; For that card other people loved for reasons I will never know.
The Winner: Ornithopter, I still cant believe I lost to this (Ensoul Artifact)