Thursday, February 9, 2012

Magic the Gathering Toolbox

Earlier this month Wizards of the coast released "MTG Toolbox" for IOS and have promised an Android version soon.

I like it a lot more than the other free applications for deck building and it also has some other features like news, store locater and life counter.
It's not quite compelling enough yet for me to really use it much but there are promised features like deck registration support coming in the future which sound cool.

The other Magic application that lasted on my Iphone more than a couple of weeks is the SCGMobile app but with a long ago lapsed subscription to their premium service I don't find it very exciting.

Update December 2012: Despite all the promise MTG Toolbox seems pretty much dead and it's been a loooong time since an update.
I have also deleted the SCG Mobile App from my phone as well after the latest update ramped up the advertising while decreasing the utility.