Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time to grow up

This is pretty embarrassing.

Something happened the last time I played Magic that has been a real wake up moment for myself. The timing is impeccable with "Women in Magic" being the hot topic of the moment. Meghan of Magic the Amateuring wrote an excellent article on Star City Games and followed that up with an episode of her podcast to deal with the fallout.

For quite some time I have used some sleeves for drafting that my wife had got from Japan. They are pretty inappropriate in that they feature anime girls and panty shots. They shuffled pretty well and they were what I had. I try to stick to a very strict Magic budget of $20 a week so replacing draft sleeves was pretty low on my priority list even though I wasn't a huge fan of the art.
I kind of thought they were ironically funny, because I never watch anime.

After someone posted a link to Meghan's article in a local Facebook group I jokingly mentioned it inspired me to get rid of those stupid anime girl sleeves. Then I got hit with a figurative brick between the eyes. I learned that some people actually had been offended by those sleeves and I was late to the party.
I feel sick about this. Magic has given me a lot, plenty of friends and it's also how I met my Wife.
The sleeves are just one a small part. I am now sure the whole experience of one of my matches was soiled by starting the match with those sleeves.  They leave a horrible first impression and I won our match very quickly which can be awkward in itself. Some fumbling small talk while trying to commiserate about mana troubles only made it worse. The whole thing was just an awkward and unpleasant experience for my opponent.
The only thing worse than losing, is losing to an opponent with stupid peodophile sleeves.

I just felt really disappointed in myself for being so oblivious and it hurt my perception of self. I always thought I was a positive force, but suddenly realised I was the creepy awkward guy. That sparked some serious self reflection as the sleeves aren't the only aspect of my behaviour that is immature. I would love to caveat this by saying "in a Magic context" but I am not sure I can. I am 34 and it's strange that those sleeves were the tipping point for me to realise how immature I have been.
There is a lot more swirling around my head but lets wrap it up for now.

For quite a while after this I just felt like not playing Magic anymore. I have decided I will play, just as an adult rather than a child. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

This week in Magic #3

The MERS givath (I got a two week vacation) and the MERS taketh (
I guess you have to take the good with the bad, not that this really had any affect on me as I am not qualified. Still it was disappointing to see the game I love fall for Fox news style panic that is sweeping China where I am sure the complaints came from.

I didn't do any Puca trade sending while on my break and since coming back I haven't felt like getting back into it either. I have points in the bank and while some cards are easy to get, others seem to have a much longer wait. I am in no rush to get more points if I can't use them to get the cards I really want. I have been waiting a couple of weeks but no one wants to send me a Vendillion Clique.

It is great for casual, standard and cube cards but some competitive Modern cards can be tough. Fair enough but the last two Modern GP's were fantastic events and I am pretty much all in on the Modern format now.
I guess there are still a lot of cube cards I need so I should snap myself out of my Puca malaise once my upcoming open classes are in the books and I have my spare time back.

The countdown to Holiday Cube has began with an excellent article from Randy Buehler ( The Cube forums on Reddit and MTG Salvation are great but they are kind of inbred in that a lot of the data comes from drafting using cube tutor and not real matches.
It's great to get the pros opinion on cards and thanks to there videos I gained a lot of appreciation for the signets, shrine of burning rage and compulsive research. Cards that seem to be pretty undervalued on MTG Salvation.