Monday, March 30, 2015

Puca's Mischief #3

The shackles are off restriction wise as I am now free to send as many cards as I want.
I still haven't even finished grading and uploading my inventory of rares and mythics so I have a long way to go.
Having EVERYTHING you want to trade listed makes it much easier to find worthwhile trades as a couple of uncommons or junk rare add ons can pay for shipping and feel like free money.

One trade I did was for Temporal Trespass, at 207 points ($2) it is not worth the effort and cost ($1) to ship. Only making 100 points. Luckily that user was also looking for a dragon hunter from the new set which has a value of 59 points. 3 weeks from now I expect Dragon Hunters to be free draft left overs.
Adding that card to the trade had zero impact on my costs and made the trade worthwhile for me. Others might have a higher thresh hold of what is worthwhile and I have heard a lot of people say $4 or $5 is their minimum.
I may end up feeling the same, but at the moment I am happy to be clearing out my binders.
So far I have sent out 23 cards and will send another 7 tomorrow. There is a dilemma approaching though, I will son run out of top loaders and I don't seem to be able to find any in Korea.

In about 48 hours the Indigo funding campaign for Puca Trade to add support for foreign and non NM cards is set to end. They are about $5,000 away from their goal of $50,000 so it will be a close run thing. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Puca's Mischief #2

I have now reached my 10 card limit for sending out cards for starting users on Puca trade.
Until those cards are marked received by the people I sent to them, then no more visits to the post office for me. I could update my want list to try and receive something worth $5 or less but I prefer to bank those points and aim for something larger.

I won't be idle Puca wise in the next two weeks as I plan to really sort through my inventory in a much more thorough way. While Puca doesn't yet have a way of marking non NM or Korean language cards it does allow you to import card lists from Deckbox.

Deckbox is a site local multi player fiend Kevin introduced me to. It has a lot more functionality than MTG Price which was the site I was using before. For now I will be using my spare time to inspect the condition of my cards and type their details into deckbox. I also need to come up with a better filing system.
Those cards I want to trade away in person are easy, I will just put them in a trade binder but those I want to use for Puca purposes need to be filed in some sort of logical way.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Puca's Mishief #1

I looked into Puca trade a long time ago (over a year) but my mobile number couldn't be verified.

With Ryan from the Cardboard Samurai getting involved and promoting it recently it inspired me to try again and I am now a verified user. It's only been a few days and I still have a lot of cards that I haven't listed but I have already sent cards to Canada and Italy.

It's an interesting system and when they add support for foreign and non nm cards it should be a lot better for someone based in Korea. The system currently only supports English NM cards. It is possible to trade foreign cards and ask for a premium, it just requires a lot more time and effort, To that extent it is not much better than using existing channels (like MTG Salvation, Ebay or Facebook).

If you stick to English and NM the set up is very user friendly and the best I have seen for trading Magic cards online.

Mailing cards is time consuming and doesn't provide instant gratification. Living in Korea if a card is in demand it's easy to sell for cash in hand without any fees. That's always going to be better than an online international trading system.
For someone like me who enjoys paperwork and has more cards than I can fit into my binder, Puca seems a great way to clear out some inventory and work towards some long term goals.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The New Kindle in Seongsu

This is the new and current location for Kindle. It is located near Seongsu Station and will be hosting a lot of tournaments. They also have a fantastic singles collection that includes Power.

It's located very close to the station and easy enough to find. Go out exit one and then follow the map. Key landmarks along the way are Paris Baguette, Pizza School, Dunkin Donuts and Lotteria. From Loteria you can see the store while you sip on your coke.

The store is a decent size and fits about 50 players. They actually display their singles in a case in addition to the binders so that is a definite plus.

I attended the grand opening tournament and had a good time. The event started half an hour late and the prizes weren't as good as advertised in English (looks a translation issue rather than anything mischievous) so I felt a little burnt. It's much to far of a trip for me but I do plan to go back sometime.

If I lived close to the store I would be pretty excited because they run a lot of events and have some creative prizes (old packs, foreign foils, unhinged lands etc).

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MTG Finance - My first spec

Outpost Siege is my very first active speculation and entry into the murky world of MTG Finance. I pre ordered 20 @ 49c each from Starcity Games.
I chose this card because I thought it was better than bulk and would have long term casual appeal. It wouldn’t have to go up much to be worth it even if it took a couple of years. Phyrexian Arenas and Gravepacts have always been very popular cards in my binders, and this is the red equivalent of Phyrexian Arena.
I was hopeful it would see type 2 play but no one seemed to agree or talk about the card during set review season so I started to doubt my judgement.
Living in Korea its not worth it to buy list to America and Korean buy lists don’t really exist. While that is a disadvantage the advantages of being in Korea is that there is a constant stream of new faces (1 year contracts for foreign workers plus a lot of US military) and you are allowed to openly buy and sell in the shop as the stores don’t run their own singles binders.

I am following an interesting article series on the Cardboard Samurai blog ( about Puca Trade as a lot of what he writes about is relevant to Korea.

Magic Overload!

While I haven't been posting updates due to my new work schedule not leaving me with a lot of spare time while in front of a computer, that doesn't mean stuff hasn't been happening.

The multiplayer cube I built is in full swing and we played a hilarious 8 player game with it.

Someone died to Hidetsugu's second rite and the game was won with a miracled Thunderous Wrath being copied twice to deal 15 damage during the winners upkeep.

Suwon drafts are now at 1:00 pm and have been regularly filling up thanks to a lot of Korean players joining.

Rolling Dice Hongdae had a massive sale with boosters from W1,000.
I bought a box of Korean dark Ascension for W36,000 and a box of English Khans for W72,000.
I personally loved drafting triple Khans so I plan to keep this box in my MTG vault for drafting later down the line.

Kindle shop is reopening in a new location.

And we had a Modern masters draft last Sunday in Suwon.

The fate reforged re release had 21 foreigners in attendance and an all English flight. It was really unexpected and the store plans to have even more English kits for the forthcoming Dragons of Tarkir prerelease.