Thursday, January 19, 2012

Places to Play #3 Michaels

Unfortunately I didn't get to play here as I arrived late to the tournament due to being stuck at a wedding (drinking free beer).

Place was packed with players for a different tournament so I didn't hang around. I plan to go back for another proper look later on.

It's quite small but it felt welcoming.

It's close to Gangbyeon subway stop (green line) and Techno mart. The closest franchise store is Paris Bagguette.

Like quite a few magic shops it is located in the basement level which is populated by quite a few different shops including a convenient.

Their cafe web site is

Contact Details
Phone number: 010-2722-5050
Email address:
Korean Street address: 서울특별시 광진구 구의동 631-1 프라임상가 지하 1층 11.112호

And here is the map they provide which I am sure will make everything clear :)

Places to Play #2 Tic Toc

Update: This store is now closed.

The following directions probably aren't good enough to find it but I went to this store a while ago and so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

You get off the Subway at Childrens Grand park station and walk out exit 3 (Konkuk).

The shop front is very small and it's in a side street so a little bit tricky to spot. It's just a door which leads to the basement level which is where the store is.
The store interior is cafe style and they seem much more of a cafe than Dive Dice.
They had a decent range of items and have an online store called Blue Mtg which I have ordered from and was really happy with.

The store owner speaks English but the shop layout is less open and more private than Dive Dice so it's better to go as a group rather than solo.

I had no problems there but to be honest for reasons that are hard to describe in print I felt more comfortable at Dive Dice.