Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Magic #14 - It's fucking Chaos

With the improving weather I nearly broke my resolution to stay away from any BFZ drafts this December. It got up to 7 degrees on Saturday. That's nearly not freezing!
The weather is expected to go bad again by next weekend but I will make it out as a chaos draft is on the schedule. I really enjoyed the last one.

Not everyone is enthralled, one guy who I haven't met asked some questions about price and such. When told it was free but you didn't get to keep the cards he gave a passive aggressive reply about "if I can't keep the cards, I'm out". I think he is new to Korea so maybe he thinks Chaos drafts are on tap here. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is new to Magic overall because I haven't ever seen a decent chaos draft that didn't involve one individual hosting.
Packs from different sets don't cost the same, players have different goals and budgets. If you set an average price the guy opening Battle For Zendiker feels ripped off and if you let people choose then you end up with 9 Khans of Tarkir packs because some people are chasing fetchlands.
It heavily skews the actual drafting as well if you are worried about card values.
I'm a fan of keep what you draft as well but it just doesn't work with so many variables.

I nearly skipped the last one because I expected a ton of whining about the value of what was drafted as the host was very value obsessed. Thankfully some decent stuff was opened early to placate him and he didn't get too miserable though he did ask me to concede because he organised "all this". I said no and that was the end of it. I had to be pushed to sign up because I feared shit like that.
This time the host is much cooler about things like that. He is rather spikey though hates ID's so we might get some weird rules in regards to prizes but that's not stuff that hurts my enjoyment much. If we are lucky he ends on the wrong half of it and appreciates why I like the based on wins and flatter prize structures where tie breakers don't decide who gets 4 packs and who gets none. 

Actual Magic played this week was confined to Duels of the Planeswalkers. The new Battle For Zendikar update started promising and was generous with it's quest rewards. I finally started getting the first win for the day bonus 20 coins. It made playing for half an hour and getting at least a pack pretty easy. No more of those deck wizard archetype quests which felt like a chore as you can complete all the quests playing your own decks.
The payouts seem to have all blown up though and what you are promised and what you get are now all over the place as it seems full of bugs. Disappointing.
Pay to Play: Magic on $2 a day
No real Magic this week means the kitty has grown. Not really though because it's Christmas and there are lot's of things competing for my money. My work contract runs out in February so until new employment is secured I feel poor. Around March when I receive my bonus and have started on my new contract is when I feel like a king and can actually take advantage of any excess in the kitty.
Current Position: $52.70