Thursday, December 27, 2012

Places to Play: Oz at Gangnam

Update: This store is now closed.

This seems to have become the main magic centre for foreigners and there was a decent turnout for the Magic League organised through the Seoul Magic facebook group (16 plus players).

It's a pretty convenient location if your based in Seoul and the shop was nice enough and went tot he effort of stocking English cards for this event.

All the Seoul shops are a bit of a hike for me so I only went the one time and wasn't really interested in the league format* they were running  which are the only reasons I wouldn't go more often.

* I think leagues are best run as a casual thing because they are just too loose rules wise and open for abuse but the prize structure was very top heavy which would only encourage shadiness. It seems that wasn't an issue though which is a credit to the community.

Edit (26th September 2013): OZ Gangnam is due to relocate soon and apparently won't be stocking Magic the Gathering at the new location. This news came out a while ago but apparently they are stocking Theros ..... confusing.

A new store called Dalmuti in Suwon

Magic players in Seoul have a lot of options for places to play but for those of us living South of the city we were always in for a long commute.

There is apparently a playgroup at the American Army base and somewhere in Suwon a board game café….. but I never encountered any advertising for their events, if they existed at all.

That has all changed with the Christmas day opening of Dalmuti 달무티. They seem to have a full on magic schedule and have a great location (close to Suwon Subway Station).

Decoration wise it's pretty sparse but they have been open for just a few days.

I haven’t been there yet but it’s more than likely the next entry in this blog will be my impressions of that store.

More directions:
It also is fully furnished now and looks good.