Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to get to the OLD Dalmuti Suwon

EDIT: This is the old location for Dalmuti. Their now location is at (http://theangryhermit.blogspot.kr/2014/12/dalmutis-suwon.html)

I thought I would follow up the previous post about Dalmuti in Suwon with some more information now that I have actually been there. I didn't have time to play but I was impressed. 

It's opposite the station (across the road from the Subway station) near one of the large bus stops. The most recognisable chain chops are the nearby Paris Baguette and Baskin Robbins. The store is located about 150m or so down the laneway that runs next to the Baskin Robbins.

The first picture is the map from their website. I think it gives a good idea of where their store actually is but that is not the actual route I would suggest taking. Exit 4 puts you on the wrong side of the road. I normally head towards exits 1,2 +3 but then take a gate (on the left) up the stairs straight to Baskin and Robbins. That is the quickest route but very hard to describe in words and only applicable if you took the subway.

If you took the bus or train then you are best of just using the map as a location reference rather than a route. Look for the Baskin robbins franchise on the opposite side of the main road from AK plaza.

Go down the alley way that runs alongside Baskin Robbins for a bout 100 - 150m and look for the green white Dalmuti sign on the right (picture 3). 

At street level it's easier to look for the Noori Zone sign (picture 2) as it's bigger and more garish.

This is where it got tricky because the shop is on level two and there is no direct access from the street.
Walk in to what looks like the entrance for Norae Zone (picture 2) but rather than go inside Norae Zone take a right turn right near the entry door (picture 5). 

Go through that door even though it's marked "no admittance" and head on up using the stairs or the lift.