Monday, August 26, 2013

MTG Clue

I just wanted to share the name of this blog. 

MTG Clue -

It looks like it will be discontinued as the author has now left Korea it is still a great resource for now.

I think his guide on how to get to various Magic shops is better than the ones on the Seoul Players facebook page. His liberal use of photos is appreciated.

OZ in Gangnam

This store is apparently moving and will no longer be stocking Magic the Gathering.

Bye Bye OZ

Back on the Wagon

After a pretty tiring search with long trips to Seoul, Dalmuti has become my Local Game Store (LGS). 

99% because of its proximity and 1% due to the fantastic customer service. Fantastic customer service isn't really a decisive factor because all the Korean shops I have been to have been awesome compared to what I was used to back in Australia.

I played in Return to Ravnica block draft which was pretty mind bending. We used Korean cards and it was the first time I had played with Gate Crash or Dragons Maze. I was allowed to use my smart phone to look at the spoiler but I didn't want to hold up the draft by reading what every card in the pack did.

Quite a few picks were made blind but I ended up with a reasonable enough deck. I went 1-2 in matches but was able to put up a decent fight in every game.

I will have to study up between now and Friday when I plan to play in the FNM booster draft.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Modern Masters

Modern Masters came and went in a flash which was a huge shame.

This was the most fun I have had playing Magic in Korea and unfortunately Dalmuti only had enough stock for one event.

The event started at Midnight and because of the numbers and the level of stock they had just enough to run it as sealed rather than draft but with Ravnica block prizes. This was decided by a player vote which has been fairly common in my experience with event schedules very "fluid".

I think the change was unanimously agreed on because everyone wanted more product.

The set was great and I absolutely loved it because it drew cards from the sets I was most familiar with from the time I was most into competitive magic. I loved the nostalgia kick and also have a great fondness for Timespiral for the same reason.

As all the cards were in English and were reprints I didn't find it very taxing to play (in contrast to drafting full block Ravnica for the first time with cards all in Korean) despite being very rusty.  I was the only foreign player but Dalmuti draws a fairly older crowd and at this event I think all the players were older than 24 and had played Magic for a while. These are players that were playing pre Innistrad block when there weren't Korean cards and so everyone has pretty decent English.

I ended up only going 2-2 even though I felt my deck was broken. As it turned out everyone's deck was super powerful and capable of doing some amazing and very fun things.

I am looking forward to Modern Masters 2 and shame on Wizards for not printing more.